Security & Video Serveillance

With up to 64 camera views, video surveillance system (Not monitored by ADT though) allow for maximum flexibility, range, customization, and remote access, offering help in protecting your business/home – even when you’re not on the premises.

Benefits for your business:

  • Deterrence: Helps cut down shoplifting as well as employee theft.
  • Savings: Could lower insurance costs.
  • Employee Well-Being: May help improve employee safety and can help monitor and improve employee productivity.
  • Legal Protection: Can help reduce fraudulent liability or employee claims.

Benefits for your home:

  • See who’s at the door before you open it.
  • Confirm your teenagers have arrived home safely from school.
  • Watch the baby while you get things done around the house.
  • Check in on your home from the office or while away on vacation or traveling.
  • View video from your web enabled cell phone or PDA.

Our protection package includes a full line of security cameras, digital records, monitors, and touch-screen systems as well as networked video solutions and Quality Service Plan.

Security Cameras

We carry a full line of closed-circuit television cameras and lenses to meet your exact surveillance needs. We also offer specialty cameras, such as infrared, low-light and night vision cameras.

Digital Recorders

We have multiple solutions for your DVR needs, from a single, one-channel, portable unit for covert surveillance, to a facility-wide distributed enterprise system.


Choose from a full line of monitor types, sizes, resolutions and formats to include LCD, flat panel and touch-screen capabilities.

Remote Viewing

Select from a number of methods for remote viewing, from IP-based cameras to web-based browser software.

Touch-screen Systems

Intuitive, fast and flexible — from 17 inches to 42 inches, we can provide a touch-screen solution for your CCTV needs.

Our security specialists can help you find the video surveillance system that best suits your CCTV needs.


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Home Security Monitoring

  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire and Smoke Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitor
  • Flood Detectors
  • Home Security Monitoring - Los Angeles
  • Temperature Sensors

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Medical Alert System

  • 2-Way Voice Intercom
  • Medical Alert System - Los Angeles
  • Long Range Capability
  • Personal Help Button
  • AARP Member Benefits
  • 30 Day Test Reminder
  • Senior Citizens Discount

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Security & Video Surveillance

  • Up to 12 Color Cameras
  • Watch While Away
  • View Video in Home
  • ADT Video Surveillance - Los Angeles
  • Receive Email Alerts
  • Store Video on DVD

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