Why ADT?

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The reason is simple:

ADT is America’s # 1 Home Security Company!

  • Long History

    For 139 years, since 1874, ADT has provided security services and this longevity stands as a testament to the quality of protection services provided by the company. You can rest assured that ADT will be there when you need them.

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  • Brand recognition

    We’ll bet you’ve seen the ADT signs everywhere. Everybody knows ADT, including burglars and other cirminals that might do harm to you, your loved ones, or your possessions. ADT Monitored Home Security Systems can actually often deter criminals before they even attempt to break in your home. When considering an attempted break-in, the presence of ADT signs and/or ADT hardware next to your front door or on your windows services as a major deterrent. When surveyed, 9 out 10 convicted burglars said they’ve avoided homes protected by a security system, according to the National Burglar and Fire Protection Agency.

  • Largest Security Company

    ADT is an industry leader with experience and Largest Electronic Security Provider in the U.S. ADT Monitored Systems help protect nearly 8 million commercial, government and residential customers, , including 90% of Fortune 500 companies, 72% of the national’s airports, and 80% of the country’s top retailers, all federal courthouses nationwide. ADT is larger than the next 99 security companies combined.

  • Most Reliable Monitoring Centers

    ADT is the only security company that utilizes six monitoring centers to provide you unsurpassed protection. This means that even if one center is busy, another is contacted to alert ADT that a break-in has occurred. ADT monitored home security systems help protect your home even when you’re away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In short, ADT provides one of the most reliable and quickest response teams when it comes to protecting your home.

    24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

  • Leading-edge technology

    Over the years ADT has adapted to change, with several innovations along the way that have revolutionized the home protection world. State-of-art, U.L.-Listed computers and reliable backup power, help ensure ADT Customer Monitoring Centers are on line. ADT utilizes leading-edge electronic security technology to help highly trained professionals monitor security, fire and critical situation alarms around the clock.

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  • Variety Packages Provided

    We provide systems that are affordable and designed for every kind of budget. For as low as approximately $1 a day, complete home security is provided for you 24/7. Peace of mind and reliability was never so completely in your hands! ADT optional Smoke and Heat Sensors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Water Sensors, and Freeze Sensors help protect your home even when your system is not armed. With ADT’s Two-Way Voice option you can communicate directly with a live ADT dispatcher from most any room in your home in case of emergency. ADT CellGuardĀ® option allows you to communicate with ADT monitoring professionals even when telephone land lines are not available.

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  • Most Satisfied Services

    ADT focuses on your protection. Monitoring Security Systems is the only thing ADT does. Universally trusted by so many satisfied customers, there is universal acknowledgement that ADT mornitoring security systems are the best. There is no doubt that ADT can satisfy your needs, considering that some of our most demanding customers include the White House, Pentagon and Fort Knox for their security needs.

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Home Security Monitoring

  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire and Smoke Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitor
  • Flood Detectors
  • Home Security Monitoring - Los Angeles
  • Temperature Sensors

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Medical Alert System

  • 2-Way Voice Intercom
  • Medical Alert System - Los Angeles
  • Long Range Capability
  • Personal Help Button
  • AARP Member Benefits
  • 30 Day Test Reminder
  • Senior Citizens Discount

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Security & Video Surveillance

  • Up to 12 Color Cameras
  • Watch While Away
  • View Video in Home
  • ADT Video Surveillance - Los Angeles
  • Receive Email Alerts
  • Store Video on DVD

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